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At the Denture Studio, we understand that having comfortable working dentures is a vital part of enjoying your day to day life. If your dentures have broken, either by dropping them or while eating, been eaten by your dog or completly lost, it can be extremely worrying. Not knowing how long they will take to repair, or how much it will cost to be able to have your dentures quickly and safely returned to you in working order can be extremely stressful. Since 2001, The Denture Studio in East Grinstead has been providing a personal, professional and friendly service to our clients throughout East Grinstead, London, Sutton, Maidstone, Crawley, Brighton and Eastbourne and all areas inbetween. Whether you have a broken full denture or partial denture that needs to be fixed, relined or replaced while you wait, we can help. We provide quick, professional and easy to arrange services to repair your dentures, and allow you to get back to eating and speaking normally, without worry. Please make contact as soon as possible to arrange a free No obligation quote to get you out of this troubling time.



Contact us via email, call our landline and for emergencies call the mobile number below.